The Yellow Heart: ChinaTown FoodGuide

The author Fenmei Hu is born in China and grew up in Holland. She is a visual artist primarily working in Rotterdam. She did her art studies in Amsterdam, but Rotterdam has stolen her heart. In 2011, she founded Studio Zi, a Chinese artists and designers collective in Rotterdam. Her passion is of course art; making her own artworks, creating art events, curating art exhibitions and organizing Chinese cultural and art events for all people. Besides this she also has another passion: Food.
“Food can tell stories, and stories of a dish can make a simple dish more special and tastier then it was. Like making paintings, whenever I cook for events, I cook with my (yellow) heart.”
The design of the FoodGuide™ and The Yellow Heart™ visual concept are by Steffen Maas. He is a Dutch graphic designer who has a warm heart for China. For many years he has been invited by universities in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wenzhou and Shanghai to teach design students. Steffen lives very close to ChinaTown Rotterdam. So eating in there is very normal to him. Knowing Steffen, he likes to eat everything – at least try everything!
All photographs in this book are made by Fenmei’s dear friend Yiyu Zhao.



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