T/m dec.: expositie Anastasia Wei meets Sofie Xie in SPACE101


Vanaf zondag 7 november tot aan het eind van het jaar is iedereen van harte uitgenodigd voor de expositie DREAMWORLD in SPACE101, de Chinese dependance van het Verhalenhuis aan de Diergaardesingel 101 in hartje Rotterdam Chinatown.


De tentoonstelling is een ontmoeting tussen Anastasia Wei, een Vlaams-Griekse beeldend kunstenaar die 7 jaar in China leefde en nu in Rotterdam woont en werkt én de Chinese kunstenaar Sofie Xie die al meer dan 20 jaar in Nederland woont.


De expositie is elke dinsdag te bezoeken of op afspraak via een mail naar : shanshuilab@gmail.com.

De feestelijke opening is op zondag 7 november van 13 – 17 uur.

Iedereen is van harte uitgenodigd, de toegang is gratis.


Locatie: SPACE101, Diergaardesingel 101, Rotterdam.


Sofie Xie is an experienced artist born in Wenzhou, China and grew up in an artistic family. In 1999 she arrived in the Netherlands and since then she is shared between 2 feelings, her homesickness for China and her love for the Netherlands.
Sofie Xie is using many different techniques in her art and is mostly inspired by meditation, music, dance and from the hazy poems of Yang Lian.
Also, Sofie wants to show her wish for world peace for all the species living on Earth.

Sofie Xie by Lulu Wang


Anastasia Wei is an experienced architect engineer with an artist soul since her childhood. She always used art and nature to escape into the world of dreams and possibilities. Her professional and personal experiences in different latitudes and contexts (Shanghai, Chengdu, Athens, Rotterdam) inspired her art. She reinterprets the interaction between cities and the beauty of nature and questions our actions towards nature and our position within it.

This exhibition is the result of an encounter between two artists Anastasia Wei of Belgian-Greek origin who lived in China for 7 years and now settled in Rotterdam and Sofie Xie of Chinese origin who has lived in the Netherlands for more than 20 years.
Their works represent a celebration of the world of dreams and thoughts with a touch from the very inspiring Chinese culture. The observer is transported into another world, his inner world where he can give free course to his imagination and escape.
Today more than ever we need beauty and dreams in our lives …



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